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Why Me?

First, I believe in the inherent power of communication in business and our lives. I am fortunate to have a career that enables my passion.

In addition, I have the real-world experience as a successful business owner. During this time I have helped some of the top companies produce conferences and communications to better connect with their audiences. My firm, SquarePlanet, applies the very approach and tactics I speak about, for our clients, every day.

Finally, my experience is global. My passport says 39 countries, and all of them have involved business. This gives me a broader perspective about the challenges (and similarities) of communicating across cultures and time zones.

For me, this is not about getting on the speaking circuit to promote a book (although I may write one some day). It’s about sharing what I believe is at the core of successful business: the power of communication.

Things I Speak About

  • innovation dilemma


    The Innovation Dilemma  |  How to Make Big Change with Small Steps

    Ready, set…innovate.  Easy right?  Actually, it is.  People often perceive innovation as something huge and seemingly impossible, like inventing the next iPod or electrical automobile.  However, innovation is really just a series of little things.  Strung together, these little things make a BIG difference.

    Innovation is about seeing opportunities and acting on them.  It’s about creating a culture that consistently promotes ideas and improvements, no matter how small.

    Highlighting real world examples, Brian will show you how to see opportunity and take tiny steps to drive innovation in your organization.


    be bold

    Be Bold  |  Tell People What You Believe

    We all want to be unforgettable. In an endless sea of marketing, how can you stand out?

    The answer is simple: tell people what you believe. Connecting with your market in a personal and genuine way is the only thing that differentiates you from your competition. You could have the greatest invention since the wheel, but the reason people buy from you instead of the guy down the block is because they believe what you believe.

    The goal of business shouldn’t be to work with everyone—it should be to work with those who believe what you believe.

    Simple on the surface, but incredibly rich in actionable content, this presentation will change the way you communicate.  Brian speaks about the value of being BOLD, shouting what you stand for and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.