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Program Emcee

The Extra Edge

Here’s an easy way to give your meeting a more professional feel: hire an emcee to direct the flow of your meeting from the stage. Someone like me!

Not to brag (well, maybe a little), I have served as an emcee and host for organizations like McDonald’s Corporation, TedX and TechWeek in Chicago. I’m a natural.

What does a good emcee need? In short, the ability to think, talk and listen at the same time. To be in touch with current events and connected with your organization’s objectives. And with a style that engages the audience to participate appropriately.

Specifically, I provide introductions to the different parts of your meeting, scripted to your needs. Beyond that, I serve as the announcer, connector and audience engager. This helps increase the value of the other speakers and the enjoyment and comprehension of the audience to help you host a more successful meeting.

Finally, I will be your time-cop and troubleshooter from the stage. My years of experience coaching executives and producing shows gives me the added knowledge of how to do this smoothly, to keep your meeting running well and without a hitch.

You could just choose a hired gun with a great smile and full head of hair. And if that’s your thing, great. BTW, that’s also me!

Let’s talk and see how I can help you create the best meeting possible! Click here to contact me via email, or call me directly at 312-600-9922.