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Things People Are Saying

“Working with Brian has revolutionized the way our organization communicates, both internally and externally. Brian’s seminars and counsel help take the good to great, and the great to elite by sharing things nobody else has the courage to. We BELIEVE he’s the best in the business … and in this case, WE’RE RIGHT!”

Jason Crane, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Transamerica

“We’ve all heard the phrase content is king, right?  Well, content is only king if it is presented in a way that leaves your attendees wanting more and exclaiming that was one of the best sessions ever!  Brian is not only a skilled presenter and facilitator but he is also a master at teaching others the tools and techniques that can take a presentation from good to exceptional.”

 Nancy DePaolo, Director, Conferences + Events, UHC

“Many of us are in fields that have no shortage of strong competition. Being remembered is a huge challenge. Brian can successfully teach many affordable, common sense everyday practices that you can do to stand out in the crowd.

Our session was not only very insightful and practical….it was fun!”

Dan Hall, Vice President, RP Sales, The Standard

“He was a great speaker, the best of the entire conference. I especially appreciated that he didn’t have a typical PowerPoint. The pictures and videos he showed really made the presentation great.”

kathleen“Brian’s presentation was the high point of our conference! His message inspired advisors to really think differently about “what they do” and “why they do it”, and helped to set the tone for the rest of the event. I look forward to having him speak at another event!”

Kathleen Roche, Director, Retirement Consulting, Commonwealth Financial Network


“Brian has a way to make you feel stronger and more confident in virtually every aspect of your life; in turn, making your company/ brand better all the way around.  His knowledge and creativity will help you connect with your customers by providing you the tools and resources you need to do just that.  Brian will listen and react to his customers’ needs.”

Barbara Wiest, VP, Communications & Administration, IGA, INC.


“A great man once said “the greatest leaders are not those with the most followers, but who create the most leaders”. Another great man once changed the very foundation of how I communicate for myself and to others.  Knowing Brian Burkhart embodies the spirit of the first and guarantees the second.”

Jon SchickedanzPresident, The Alliance of Creative Professionals

“This was a great way to start the day. High energy and the perfect morning kick off! It was easy to digest the information and will have a lasting impact on my work.”


“”Brian has been the catalyst that has made Technori Pitch one of the top startup presentation events in the country. He has elevated our quality to a level that I don’t think any other coach could have in Chicago.”

 Seth Kravitz, Co-founder, Technori Chicago


“There were so many things in your presentation that spoke directly to me.  So much so, that one of my co-workers said she thought I was going to fall out of my chair!”

Jason Tompkins, Software Developer, Rosewood Solutions, Inc

“He did a great job and would like to see more speakers like him. He was very inspirational and thought provoking. I loved this presenter.”